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Often when we need to have goods transported from place to place, the biggest determining factor becomes the economical one. This means that individuals and companies will make the effort to take steps to search around for cheap freight shipping options and then explore them in more depth for the best deals. So lets look at how that works.

Low cost shipping is increasingly becoming the norm in these days of economic uncertainty and companies are looking to shave off some of their expenses while individuals are looking to cut their costs also. This is where the Internet really comes into its own as it makes it possible to search for local freight forwarders or transportation companies that can offer the best shipping deals in terms of cost.

When you have this information at your fingertips, it becomes a simple task of making up a shortlist of prospective freight companies who offer the cheapest shipping tariffs and then cross referencing them with reviews, testimonials, reports and of course complaints! The best company to emerge from that barrage of information will be the one who wins your custom, although you can also do several other cross checks of their bona fides and find out how good their service is for the price.

Checking prices is, therefore, not the be all and end all of determining which the best freight forwarding company is with whom to do business. Other factors come into play, such as their guarantees with regards to delivery times, accuracy and efficiency. It's no good using the services of the cheapest cargo shipping company only to find they can't deliver your goods until a week later than you need them. So a compromise must be found between cost and service levels.

Service levels are vitally important when you need your goods to be delivered at a certain place by a certain date and sometimes, the cheapest freight forwarder may not be able to accommodate your request for the price. However, that doesn't mean you should necessarily go straight to the most expensive goods shipping company either. Somewhere in between those two extremes lies a fairly priced deal that can fulfill your delivery criteria at a price that suits your budget and still provide a first class service.

It just takes a little extra research time to find them. It's one of those things that is well worth going that extra mile to research and discover.


Comment by: forwader

Our list got out of date so we took it down. Its best to look locally in the business pages or yellow pages for the best insurers for your own goods company to get a better rate than a national insurance company. But of course it pays to shop around.

Comment by: Richard Thelen

Who are the insurance companies in the USA that insures freight forwarders? Is there a list you can share? If so, please email me.


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Thanks for your interest, but we are not an actual freight company, but an online directory and information repository. If you'd like to be included in our directory, please send us your details (check out the directory listings and you'll see the information we require). Thanks.

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