This is a website providing information on the many aspects revolving around the professional business of freight forwarders and how to contact them for the best service. We provide a useful resource to the public who need this information for their own research into this highly used, yet often little understood industry.

Freight forwarders are transportation and logistics companies or entities that arrange the forwarding of goods of whatever size, weight or volume from one place to another. This may include shipping goods from one town to another, one state to another or the import/export of goods on a national or international shipping basis.

They are responsible for the safe and timely passage of your cargo and will include all the necessary documentation to endure a smooth and trouble free transport from start to finish. They also carry insurance, which is a specialized form of transportation insurance which insures not just the goods for loss or damage, but also the vehicles used to undergo the transportation, all personnel from loaders and unloaders, to packers, carriers and drivers. Goods may be transported by road, rail, canal barge, ocean or air and costs, load volumes and delivery times vary according to the method used.

Freight brokers are the middle men, or company that act for both the client wishing to initiate a movement of cargo from place to place and the actual shipping companies themselves, who undertake the actual work of picking up, transporting and delivering the goods. They undertake to make the client's move as simple as possible by handling all necessary paperwork and logistics necessary so the client doesn't have to. Brokers work on a commission basis and it pays to shop around to obtain the best quotes.

Wherever you are in the world, there are professional freight forwarding companies ready to assist you in completing your move and to help you find them in your own country, we have compiled a worldwide freight forwarders directory containing the contact information of several reputable, respectable and trustworthy companies that you can contact locally to assist you.

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