Sample Bill of Lading

Here is a sample image of a freight forwarders Bill of Lading which we have reproduced so that you can see in visual terms exactly what one of these official documents actually looks like.

Please be aware that this is not a general form and its layout and design will undoubtedly vary slightly from company to company. As such, this given example is of no real use as an official form in itself, so please do not waste your time copying it as it will not be accepted by any customs office or any other official entity!

Disclaimer: This image is meant purely as a visual example of what a freight forwarders Bill of Lading document looks like and cannot be reproduced and used in any actual transportation or import / export transaction. Only a certified original bill of lading document may be used in a real life case.

This document can be obtained from any government office that deals specifically with the transportation, import and export of cargo goods. Please make your inquiries at your local government office for more details. Thank you.

sample bill of lading form

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