Flatbed Freight Explained

If you have never heard about flatbed freight and what it is, how it works and who would use it to move certain types of cargo, this article is for you.

When someone needs to ship some good that are large or perhaps fragile, or for certain other reasons where traditional shipping methods can't be used, flatbed freight is in many cases the solution.

Let's say you have a rare antique display cabinet that is bulky and will require special treatment so that it arrives at its destination intact. Sending it via flatbed truck solves the problem straight away because the item can easily be loaded and unloaded minimizing any chance of damage or mishap.

This kind of transport service is generally utilized for the shipping of heavy machinery, construction materials and other large items that are not suitable for conventional moving methods. This is evident when you need to transport something like an earth mover that is used in construction. The machine can move for short distances on its tracks within the confines of a construction site, but it is not suited for a leisurely drive on the highway! In order to transport the earth mover from its depot to the construction site, a flatbed truck or a low loader semi truck must be used.

Large, heavy or voluminous construction materials such as long, heavy sewage pipes, long I-beams used in high rise construction, pallet loads of bricks, concrete blocks or cinder blocks, pallet loads of cement bags, loads of constructional wood etc are all shipped using these specialized format vehicles. This is because regular transportation is simply unsuitable and companies that deal in home or office furniture or similar simply can't handle the logistics of such heavy and difficult loads.

If your business has a requirement to ship large or difficult inventory then making use of this specialized type of transportation is generally the most affordable and sensible answer for getting it to its destination with the minimum of hassle.

Another fairly common use of this type of truck is for transporting an automobile from a garage or depot that is not local to your town's dealership. Similarly if you make a purchase using the Internet, or buy a car you see advertised in a national newspaper, you'll need to have the car transported to your home. This is easily handled by a flat-bed layout truck and can often work out cheaper than you travelling maybe many miles to pick the car up yourself and drive it back.

So there you see how useful the specialized type of goods shipping known as a flatbed freight truck can be in certain situations that require a method of transport for loads that are not suited to regular semi trucks or delivery trucks that most goods transportation and trucking companies can make use of.


Comment by: Webmaster

Abdul, you are most welcome. I am glad my knowledge of the freight industry has helped you.

Comment by: Abdul

There is a lot that I didn't know before about the whole freight moving industry, but thanks to reading the many highly informative articles I am now much better informed. Before today, I did not know what flatbed freight was, but now I do and it is really so obvious when you realize what is involved with this side of the transportation and logistics industry as a whole.

Thank you for your information and sharing your knowledge. Abdul

Comment by: Baba

I very much enjoyed this excellent post on this subject and how it is used for the many awkward and unconventional loads that ordinary trucks would have difficulty with! Thank you for the info!

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