Air Freight Companies

You might be interested in learning all about air freight companies and how they are integrated into the transportation and logistics industry as a whole and their individual roles are within the industry as is covered in this article.

Of all the available means of transportation that are available to freight forwarding companies, that of air freight is by far the fastest way of getting your cargo from its source to its destination when long distances are involved. For international shipping purposes, as long as the cargo is not too bulky, heavy or awkward, shipping companies have the edge with regards to time frames over all other methods of transporting them.

So how simple is it to get in contact with a reputable air freight company should you with to transport a relatively large or valuable load across many miles, say inter-state or internationally? This is an easy thing to do as all you need is to search through either the search engines or use a directory such as we have right here on this website to locate a local company that can handle your consignment.

Local Resources

You'll find that operating out of a local town or city are generally several such companies that are more than capable of handling your particular consignment, whether you want to have it flown from your city to another in the next state, or you want to have it flown right across the world. They will often make use of local airports such as Florida Trade Port for example, that are especially geared up for transporting goods via plane or helicopter.

The types of airplane used vary enormously depending upon the size, weight and shape of the load. Often, commercial passenger aircraft can be used for smaller loads where space is available in the hold of the plane, but often the actual aircraft is not known to the forwarding company as this is often a transparent part of the process, depending upon the handler and the nature of the route that the load will take.

The Right Size Transport for the Load

Sometimes, special planes are chartered for extra large loads or where a LCL (less than container load) freight is not feasible for piggy backing on a regular commercial flight. The logistics are always carefully planned in advance to insure cost effectiveness where possible.

Transporting goods around the world has never been so easy as it is today, and there are many long established and reputable companies that can more than handle your particular requirements, whether you are sending a small parcel that will fit into the palm of your hand, or a larger pallet load of valuable items that you need to get to their destination as soon as possible.


Comment by:  George H

Although air cargo forwarding can be very costly, it is the best way to transport a wanted item if you need it fast. You can have the desired product within a day or two, even though it was shipped from another continent.

I used air cargo service once, when I relocated a car from USA to Europe. It was fast and flawless, but pricier than it would be if shipped with a cargo ship.

Just my two cents! Best

Comment by:  Fiona

I was using an air shipper for many years and always had first class service from them. One day, they went out of business and I had a tough time finding a replacement, although eventually I did and they are proving to be very good too. Not too many people know about the many aspects concerned with this kind of service, it is a great post thanks for writing it!


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