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We are always on the lookout for useful information that we can pass onto the reader on the many aspects of the transportation and freight forwarding industry. That way you can be better informed on its many different facets and interesting developments and ways of working. In this post, we're going to look at the role the freight forwarding companies play in the overall industry and how you can find them in several countries around the world.

First of all, what exactly is a freight forwarding company? Well, this is an entity or business that handles the many aspects of the transportation or shipment of goods from one place to another. This can be as simple as an individual sending a package across town, right up to the complex multiple pick-up and drop off points associated with a large scale goods consignment that has to be sourced and delivered to different places spaced across the country or even internationally.

In this sense, the role of the shipping companies is to ensure that all the essential transportation and logistics information is carefully set out and a plan or itinerary of pickup and delivery addresses is calculated so that the entirety of the shipment can be transported in the most efficient manner. This of course involves timing the pickups carefully and logically so that the fewest number of miles is traveled by the truck or transport vehicle when collecting the various items of the proposed cargo, collating them at a central depot, then distributing them again as efficiently as possible to their multiple destinations.

This all takes an in-depth knowledge of not just geographical locations of many different addresses, but also the ability to map out the most direct routes by road, rail or other means. It also means calculating the fuel expenditure of the vehicles employed in the transportation of the goods as well as the costs of paying drivers, loaders and packers, plus warehouse costs and costs of international shipping if necessary. Add to that the time factor of making the pickups and deliveries so that the client can have a reasonably accurate timetable of events and you have a pretty complex series of calculations that need to be made.

This is why freight companies either thrive or get buried on their reputation for accuracy and efficiency in the shipment of goods. This stands to reason when you consider a customer will be more disposed to provide a particular goods forwarding company with repeat delivery assignments if that company has provided highly accurate, cost effective and professional transportation in the past.

So on to how to find a reliable and professional company with a solid reputation wherever you may be in the world. One way is to check the local Yellow Pages either in book form or online, or you could make use of our very own and continually expanding Freight Forwarders Directory which is gradually building into a full international directory of these kinds of companies with all their pertinent contact details and a brief description of their services to the client. You may notice new areas being added almost on a daily basis, as we gather and upload more information to its database.


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I'll find you and add you when time permits

Comment by: Dayo Obanla

How can i add our company to your directory?

Comment by: webmaster

I will add your company details once your website is complete and I can read the contact details in English

Comment by: Halil Baris Cakar

Hello, How can i add my company to your very useful directory? Thanks.

Comment by: webmaster

Vivian, this is doubtless an email spammed out to countless transportation website and blog owners that you copied and are now spamming out to the related blogs themselves. As your email does not contain a direct link to a website, I decided to let it go as this is an international info site and there may be someone who may indeed be interested in making use of your services in China.

Comment by: vivian xin

Dear sir/Madam,

Here writing you with expectation of establishing business relationship. Would you please excuse me introduce our company ?

Tianjin Seatrans Logistics Co.,Ltd. a company of Tianjin Seatrans Industry & Trading Co.,LTd. is a professional logistics corporation. Which approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economy Cooperation of P.R. China to operate international Sea & Air freight forwarding business. We can provide our client with professional freight forwarding and world-wide one-stop integrated logistics with best services and competitive rates. Our services include FCL/LCL, Consolidation, Distribution, Bonded Warehouse, Customs Clearance, Cargo Insurance, Air Transportation, Inland Transportation, Multi-Modal Transport and also solution & module providing of supply chain.

We have owned special offer from COSCO, CHINASHIPPING, MAERSK, MSC, Norasia, CMA for ocean fraight. And KE, JL,NH,SQ,MP, AF, UPS, Fedex, United, Lufthansa for air freight. Also We have our own custom broker, and truck companies with 26 trucks located in Tianjin, Shenzhen and Shanghai. We have 18 branches in most cities of China ,such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Dalian, Wuhan, Qingdao , Xiamen, Chongqin, Yiwu, etc.

Hope that we can start our biz for equal and mutual benefit. You're appreciated for asking any kindly questions .

Waiting for your favorable reply!

Tks N B.rgds
Vivian Xin / Overseas Sales
Tianjin Seatrans Logistics Co.,Ltd.
-A company of Tianjin Seatrans Industry & Trading Co.,Ltd.
B-902 Friendly office,Wanzhao Industry Building,Fuan Street,
Heping District.Tianjin.China Zip Code: 300021
Tel: 86-22-58222780
Fax: 86-22-27312346
Mobile Phone: 86-13821554976
SKYPE: vivian87120

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Hi Megan,

Reviewing individual companies is not all that straightforward, especially from where we're standing. We might take the trouble to review a local company only to find that no one is ever going to use that particular one, and we've done all that work for nothing.

We'll try and take some transportation companies and maybe do a comparison overview, but to go to all the work of getting in-depth to any one company would not only be a drain on our already thin resources, but may be seen as favouritism amongst other companies and we could see ourselves becoming inundated with requests for reviews!

We'll try and do what we can though.

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